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VIP-dance,or Jacksonville Omsk
Star duo of Pavel Cherdantsev – Svetlana Rudkovskaya

On the 5th of May 2012, all attention of fans and fans of
ballroom dancing will be on a major Russian industrial and cultural center in
the Siberian city of Omsk. This World Championship forsequence dancing in the European program(World Professional Ballroom Show Dance Championship). Leaders of ballroom dance from all corners of the globe will compete for the title of world champions. Representing the United States will perform the master of the highest class Cherdantsev Pavel and Svetlana Rudkovskaya. Last year they received the recognition they deserved in the New World by becoming a silver medalist at the U.S. ballroom dancing.

A little Information about our duo.

If you live on the east coast in Jacksonville, Florida, perhaps you may
have repeatedly drawn attention to the dance school and even took lessons from
Pavel Cherdantsev and Svetlana Rudkovskaya.

The history of the duo started at the homes of the dancers in Russia and
Belarus. When Pavel made his first steps, he was only six years old. Although it
was just a hobby for most of his comrades in the studio, for him it was the
beginning of life in dance. In the 14 years he has become a champion of Belarus,
and before meeting with Svetlana had already obtained the title of champion
of the Latin Lovers and vice-champion in the Standard 10 dances.

Svetlana’s career started in Russia at the age of 13 years old. She
first attended an amateur studio and danced for fun. She soon realized that her
passion for dance was not just a fad and in a short time reached a very
considerable success. After many training sessions, she soon won third place in
Latin and First Place in Standard division in one of the prestigious tournaments.

Pavel and Svetlana found and recognized each other as two people that were

born to dance and for the chance of fate; two talents were joined at the Belarusian

University of Culture where they learned to master the sport of dance.
Five years later after finishing their studies, they teamed up and started dancing.

Soon after, they married.They opened a dance school In Minsk, Belorussia, but in 2001 were
invited to  teach the art of ballroom dance in South Korea and decided to close the

school in Minsk and start working in Soul where they lived for two years.

There they trained professional and amateur groups while working with the Korean TV and entertainment

In 2003, Pavel and Svetlana moved to Jacksonville where they live to this day. As they say,

“We immediately fell in love with this amazing place where we have the
opportunity to work, participate in tournaments, shows, train with
world-renowned masters of the dance and work with teachers who are world legends”.

They are coached by the famous Hans R. Galke (Germany) and worked with
the famous multiple world champions Bryan Watson and Carmen Vincelj (Germany).

Also being coached by well-known World professional champion Lorain Baricci from England.

They patronize the advice of the legendary Brian Torner (Professional ballroom
champion, choreographer, and adjudicator from Canada). He will also be with
Pavel and Svetlana in Omsk as a part of their Team. Also they receive advice and
support in all endeavors known by (master of sport professional Latin American
dancer and Champion of the Ukraine) Natalia Laubert. Miss Laubert explained that
Pavel and Svetlana made a huge step in the Ballroom community of Jacksonville
Florida by winning the opportunity to represent United States by the World
Professional Championship 2012 .Only two bests couples of each country may
participate in this dream event of the real sportsman.

When they were asked about preferences of Cherdantsev dance, it is
likely they will say that they love all the dances. Each dance has its own
Beauty and History. Therefor it’s hard to say, but experience, great
performance, talent and dedication have brought the duo Cherdantsev –
Rudkovskaya to deserve rewards.

In 2007 they took 3rd place at the U.S. National Championships in 10 dances

and 3rd in the 10 dance tournament at the “Ohio Star Ball”.2009 year had brought

them the bronze at the National Championships USA Classical sequence dancing.

And in 2011 they were second in the championship.

Featuring dance, a busy schedule of competitions and contests require
great athletes and athletic skill form at any time of day or year. The intensity
and utilization of their working day is enormous.  Despite this, Pavel and Svetlana love to
travel. They are interested in city or country that will have them. However, as
a rule, learning is limited to the airport and the concert hall, of course. They
would like to spend more time to get acquainted and study the life and culture
of the people in they’re their natural surroundings.

Hobbies: Svetlana is also associated with costume designing and creates
ball gowns, gorgeous costumes for the European and Latin programs. Pavel spends
most of his time on the dance floor, but still loves working on the computer and
hosts the project website or does the creation of the
video intro about ballroom dancing.

When there is a minute and a choice, they prefer the culinary delight of Korean cuisine.

”I am also pleased to hear hits 1960-1970’s.” says Pavel. “Hope one day we can have a

small vacation to get some rest which always help to get some more energy and inspiration for a future projects.”

The days are filled with many hours of training while still looking for
new dance steps and patterns, images and costumes, music and stories.

May 2012 is full of important professional events. The upcoming World
Championships in Omsk they see as the new Olympus. Then – an international dance
festival in the English elite in Blackpool.

We wish good luck to Pavel and Svetlana’s flooring and light! And very much
like to see in their escort of these fans, admirers and supporters of Jacksonville, glorified by this distinctive duo.


Jacksonville – Moscow

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